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Smart Adhesives for Watershield

Fortunately, our varied technology offering, designed to address your specific needs, makes it easy.

When using a foamed Hotmelt PSA adhesive technology, you can:

  • Decrease repair time due to being easily respositionable and quick to clean
  • Improve efficiencies with primerless adhesion for steel and aluminum substrates
  • Reduce adhesive usage due to air addition into the hot melt to create foamed beads 

With a Butyl adhesive technology, you can:

  • Increase production speeds due to room temperature application and direct sealing options (applied at OEM plant)
  • Enhance process flexibility with manual or automatic application abilities

No matter which technology you choose, your overall watershield performance will improve due to:

  • High heat and humidity resistance to withstand exposure to environmental conditions 
  • Excellent tack and cohesion to improve bond strength across substrates 

Featured product: TLH 2299E


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