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We are thrilled to announce that Bostik, the adhesive solutions by Arkema, is partnering with the esteemed Bovelander Foundation to make a meaningful impact in communities in India. Over the next three years, this collaboration aims to provide underprivileged children and young adults with opportunities that will enhance their personal, social, athletic, and educational development.

The Bovelander Foundation has been dedicated to fostering positive change in areas in India where access to a better life may not be readily available. Through their remarkable hockey program, they unite children, young adults, and their communities, empowering them to strive for a brighter future. Beyond sports, the foundation's initiatives extend to areas such as nutrition, health, education, and financial literacy, tailored to meet local needs.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Bostik recognizes the immense potential in supporting initiatives that create lasting transformations. By joining forces with the Bovelander Foundation, we will contribute to bridging the gaps and ensuring that these individuals have the resources and encouragement they need to succeed.

Our journey with the Bovelander Foundation marks a significant milestone for Bostik. We're enthusiastic about this collaboration, as it symbolizes our commitment to fostering positive change and creating opportunities for growth. Together, we're not just providing support; we're cultivating resilience and inspiring hope in communities across India

Through our collaboration, we aim to actively support the Bovelander Foundation in expanding its reach and impact. We firmly believe that investing in the development of individuals and communities is the key to unlocking their true potential.

Hockey has brought me a lot, not only the beautiful game and the medals. I made friends, learned a lot about teamwork, leadership and social skills and last but definitely not least I had the opportunity to develop as a person. All these skills are helping me now to inspire and develop children, young adults and communities in India! That is the focus of the Bovelander Foundation! We are delighted about our collaboration with Bostik, which will help us to expand our reach and impact. Hockey is more than just a game!

By partnering with the Bovelander Foundation, Bostik is proud to be part of a transformative journey that will shape lives and foster a brighter future for generations to come.

Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative efforts and inspiring stories, as together, we strive to create a world where every individual has an equal opportunity for a better life.

For more information about the Bovelander Foundation and their incredible work, please visit their website at bostik-global-press-release-bovelander-foundation-logo-2.png

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