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Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist, introduces its latest smart adhesive solutions for woodworking, the SG6518 and SG6520 under its Supergrip® adhesive solutions line.  Supergrip® is a Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR) adhesive solution produced for use for edge banding in the woodworking industry.

The introduction of SG6518 and SG6520 come at an opportune time with the resurgence of Asian economies post pandemic recovery.  The industries are bouncing back with vigour, and this can be seen in the rising demands in the construction industry.  The dominance of Asia, specifically China has also resulted in a corresponding growth in the wood adhesive industry. 

“The industry shows dynamic growth potential, especially in China where it is the largest market for wood adhesives.  Construction activities have been flourishing and we are seeing a healthy boom here.” Said Brian Dong, regional business director of Bostik Building Components for APAC.

Brian continued that “China’s plan to place 250 million people in new megacities over the next ten years is generating massive construction activities. And we see these activities translating to considerable opportunities for the application of wood adhesive solutions in the market.”

Quality and appearance are key considerations which is why edge banding has been rising in prominence.  While edge banding boosts the durability of the furniture, it also enhances the appearance of the product giving it a high-end quality look.

Whilst traditionally Hot Melt Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (HMEVA) adhesive solutions were utilised, increasingly manufacturers are turning to Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR) adhesive solutions for their versatility and capability to bond to a variety of substrates.

HMPUR adhesive solutions is the new generation product for edge banding application.  It provides superior bonding strength and sealing performance, is water resistant, and raises the durability of finished woodworking products. As HMPUR adhesive solutions are adaptable to various substrates, they offer good quality performance to the finished goods even in high moisture environments.

Advancing HMPUR technology is one of Bostik’s strategic growth platforms. We are aware that research and development in sustainable and eco-friendly products is a step towards long term profitability,” Brian emphasised.

Bostik’s innovation of HMPUR technology in Supergrip® 65 series is an excellent adhesive solution for the woodworking industry because it increases process efficiency and is readily available to more design opportunities. The product’s qualities improve sustainability and safety while improving overall end-use performance.

The high green strength in Supergrip® 65 series stamps Bostik’s continual commitment towards sustainability. At the same time, the product maintains a high-level performance with its excellent sealing properties.  Supergrip® 65 series has exceptional water resistance and high waterproof and anti-mould attributes, which enhances the durability of woodworking products. 

Supergrip® 65 series is a manufacturer’s choice due to its compatibility to a wide variety of substrates, giving it a broad range of application usage. The product delivers both excellent processing stability and bonding performance as its moderate curing speed has a high initial bonding strength which transforms to a high bonding strength within a few days. 

“Bostik is confident that Supergrip® 65 series will open up many more application avenues for the woodworking industry.  The development of HMPUR technology is an exciting step into the future for adhesive solutions and the woodworking industry and we believe that Supergrip® 65 series will pave the way as a new age adhesive solutions provider for the woodworking industry,” Brian reiterated.