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Simson ISR 70-08 AP is a silyl-modified polymer (SMP) adhesive used in transportation for recreational vehicles.
Product overview
Simson ISR 70-08 AP is an excellent quality elastic adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP). Simson ISR 70-08 AP is tested according to DIN6701, has excellent resistance to UV, weather and temperature and is free of solvents, isocyanates and silicone. It exhibits excellent adhesion performance on a wide variety of substrates (minimal or no pre-treatment necessary) and can be over-painted with common industrial paints.

It is suitable for bonding windows in recreational vehicles or other industrial applications which require high green strength (initial tack) to avoid or reduce clamping times.
Simson ISR 70-08 AP can also be used for sealing applications.  
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe

Smart Advantages

High green strength: improved bonding performance.
Primerless adhesion: enhanced process productivity.
Solvent, isocyanate and PVC free: safe for workers and environment.