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Smart adhesives for woodworking

Based on a range of adhesive technologies, Bostik’s woodworking adhesives are specifically designed for various applications, making it easy for manufacturers to address their goals. 

For edge banding applications, our hot melt EVA and PUR solutions offer:

  • High bond and seal strength to address waterproofing needs
  • Anti-mold capabilities to minimize temperature and moisture damage 
  • Adaptation to fast production lines to keep output high

For edge banding and profile wrapping, our hot melt PUR adhesives provide:

  • Good sealing, waterproof and anti-mold properties to extend product longevity 
  • Small particle sizes for high purity and good flow to produce homogenous, smooth and aesthetically-pleasing surfaces
  • Compatibility across substrates to increase application usage options

For vacuum lamination, our water-based, polyurethane adhesives possess:

  • One-component formulation to reduce error likelihood and work well for automation production lines
  • High anti-thermal and mechanical performance to provide good compatibility with other materials and formulations
  • Good surface quality to achieve high gloss surface aesthetics

For solid wood assembly, our water-based adhesives offer:

  • Good adaptation to high frequency sealers to address quality needs
  • High bond strength and low VOCs to achieve excellent structural durability and reduce environmental impact
  • Ease of use to simplify application processes

Smart adhesives for wood furniture

For cabinet wood joint bonding, our hot melt polyamide adhesives provide:

  • High thermoplastic performance to increase overall wood durability 
  • Fast set speeds to assist in producing high output volumes
  • Bio-based formulations to improve end-of-life sustainability 

For fabric to foam lamination, our webs, films and powders possess:

  • Compatibility with a variety of high and low temperature applications, even for sensitive substrates, such as foam to reduce risk of quality defects
  • Tailor-made formulation abilities across lamination processes to open up design opportunities

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