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Covering various waterproofing jobs around the home and buildings, Seal & Block our waterproofing technologies are specially formulated to prevent the migration or rise of moisture to extend the duration and improve the durability of your construction build. 


To meet your needs, Seal & Block waterproofing range cover interior and exterior waterproofing applications, from basement to roof. Simple to apply and always safe to use, our waterproof solutions with the full range of porous backgrounds including concrete, brick, stone, metal and cement board.
Protecting buildings from water penetration
Stop a leak, repair an existing roof, or fit a new roof with preformed sheet membranes to protect your build from water penetration.
Waterproof areas with positive water pressure 
Our range of cementitious solutions are ideal for working with swimming pools and other interior assemblies composed of tiling or tile-based substrates. We also produce cementitious products that are formulated specifically to combat positive water pressure.

Make concrete really waterproof
If you are working on reinforced concrete tanking, foundations or works below the ground such as basement, tunnels, bridge and footings where defending your installation from water ingress is crucial, choosing the right waterproofing can prevent leakages.
When contact with water, integral waterproofing generates non-soluble crystal throughout the capillaries and pores in the concrete structure creating an impenetrable water barrier to block water passage from positive (exterior) side, negative (interior) side or from within the concrete itself.

Instant waterproof adhesion to almost any surface
Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes are designed to give you the best possible moisture protection. These liquid-applied products provide a monolithic, seamless fluid membrane and are well-known for their ease of application.
These membranes cure to form an elastic waterproof seal that can be applied using a roller or brush. It’s durable membranes feature strong adhesive properties and will bond with most surfaces.
Boasting of decades of experience in supplying waterproofing products in 50 countries worldwide, Bostik continuous to deliver smart, innovative, easy-to-use products to protect your investment. Join the fight against water damage! 
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