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Without a doubt, water is an essential part of our life.

But, when it comes to construction and movement joints, the passage of water in the concrete components is considered destructive. When unexpected circumstances arise, we cannot simply rely on the sturdiness of the structure. We need products that are crafted and formulated to prevent water penetration.

Bostik PVC Waterstop for Construction Range is another manifestation of the brand’s dedication to bringing sustainable development through the innovation. Bostik’s PVC Waterstop Construction Range is composed of Bostik Superseal R, and Seal ‘N’ Proof AX that are both effective in executing water stopping functions regardless of the project’s size, water pressure, and form of the structure.


Bostik Superseal R is a hydrophilic rubber water stop made to stop water leaks in construction and civil engineering applications. It is capable of sealing heads of water of up to 50 meters and is mainly used for horizontal and vertical construction joints. Its delayed coating averts premature expansion as well. Moreover, Superseal R can enlarge and lengthen itself to tightly secure the joints upon the presence of potential water leaks which means that no water can re-enter because it automatically adjusts its size depending on the dryness or moisture surrounding the concrete and substrates

KEY FEATURES:                                                                       

  • Non-Toxic
  • High Swelling > 200%
  • Easy to Apply
  • Not affected in water temperature


  • Poured in Situ construction joints
  • Box culverts
  • Cut & cover tunnel construction
  • Dam construction
  • Underground (utility) vault seal
  • New to old concrete
  • Manholes
  • Pipe penetrations

Bostik Seal ‘N’ Proof AX is a polyvinyl chloride-based water stop that is formed in compliance with international standards and is even meant to exceed the set qualifications. The reason why it is the most ideal waterproofing solution is because of the continuous barrier it forms when embedded into the concrete attributed to its range of profiles for both central and external applications. In addition, it is extruded from specially compounded PVC following BS2571 which are designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures. Another fascinating feature of this product is its ability to even withstand high hydrostatic pressures. Aside from the features mentioned, these are the other important benefits of Seal ‘N’ Proof AX:


•       A full range of profiles and sizes to suit all construction requirements

•       Internal profiles come with factory pre-punched eyelets for easy and secure wire tying to reinforcement

•       Factory-made intersections to simplify and minimize on-site fabrication



Water retaining structures:

  • Water tanks
  • Bund walls
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams and spillways
  • Water treatment plants
  • Swimming pools

Water excluding structures:

  • Basement areas
  • Underground car parks
  • Tunnels
  • Retaining walls
  • Suspended slabs
  • Below ground slabs
  • Roof slabs