Bostik ASA Conflex Gold


    Key Features

    • High Yield & High Strength
    • Low dust formulation for clean mixing
    • Very easy to trowel
    • Long adjustment times but quick setting
    • Efflorescence and Moisture Resistant*
    • Indoor and Outdoor use

    *This is an efflorescence and moisture resistant product. IT IS NOT designed for total immersion conditions

    Premium Rubber-modified Tile Adhesive

    Premium rubber-modified tile adhesive designed for demanding or high traffic applications. Excellent all-round adhesive suitable for commercial, high traffic and tile-on-tile installations. Off-white colour.
    C2 Improved cementitious adhesive with high bond strength
    S1 Deformable (flexible)
    E Extended open time exceeds 30 minutes
    T Anti Slip
    Recommended Uses

    • Large tiles
    • Floors and walls
    • Tile on tile
    • High traffic areas
    • Large & demanding construction jobs
    • Underfloor heating
    • Suitable for use on:
      • Concrete
      • Early Age Screed
      • Rendered bricks and/or blocks
      • Fibre cement and plasterboard
      • Existing tiles
      • ASA/Bostik approved waterproofing membranes
    • Suitable Tiles
      • Suitable for all types of mosture-stable tiles including: concrete, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, terrazzo and mosaic typese and moisture-stable natural stone. 


    30804523 Off White 20kg 1

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