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Bostik has been offering end-to-end product and service solutions such as a floor adhesives or floor levelers to the Australian flooring market for decades. Our Prep, Seal, Stick product system encompasses floor preparation, a wide range of floor adhesives, and the tools to match these applications.

As timber flooring trends and technologies have evolved, Bostik’s never-ending emphasis on quality, product innovation, customer service as well as our Australian-based manufacturing capabilities has remained the same. These attributes together have seen Bostik cement its market leading position as a solutions provider to the flooring sector for many years.


  • UL Screed: a two part, solvent free, epoxy composition compatible with a wide range of coverings. This floor leveler has an excellent bond to a range of substrates and an excellent high build achieved in one coat. Ultra Seal is a grey colored epoxy which you can apply with a brush or roller. This epoxy floor coating has an easy 1:1 mixing ratio (by volume).
  • Moisture Seal: a two-part epoxy that withstands hydrostatic water pressure up to 25m or 250 kPA. Its moisture and vapour barrier formulation prevents water seepage and permeation in building and construction substrates.
  • UL 200: a superior vinyl & timber rapid-hardening cementitious underlay. It is formulated for maximum flow without shrinkage or cracking. This product is an extremely fast drying leveler that accepts foot traffic in 2-3 hours. It is also formulated for a maximum flow.
  • UL Primer: a high performance one component primer for use on porous substrates. Use UL primer with Bostik floor levelling compounds. This primer is very economical, has a high coverage rate and dries fast.


  • Ultraset SF: a solvent-free adhesive formulated to adhere most types of hardwood floors. This product is a recommended floor adhesive by major timber manufacturers.
  • Ultraset 3 in 1: a high performance 3-in-1 product that includes adhesive, moisture barrier and sound abatement, made with recycled rubber materials. 


  • Trowels: 6mm V-Notch for 100% coverage of Ultraset 3 in 1 adhesive.

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