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Applications can be highly variable so it is important to know and use the correct sealant for your particular application requirement. When selecting the appropriate product, an applicator need to look at key factors such as substrate or surface material, required flexibility, UV resistance, moisture resistance, colour and paint ability among other things.

Bostik sealants and fillers have a solution for all applications and are made with high quality and high durability as their foundation. Whether it’s an external expansion sealant made to stand the test of time or simple gap filling around the home, Bostik has a solution for every situation.


  • Seal N' Flex 1: a high expansion, polyurethane construction sealant. Seal N' Flex 1 has an excellent adhesion to masonry and concrete. It can be used internally and externally, and on control and expansion joints in façade work. This polyurethane product has an excellent UV, weather, and water resistance and has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 50%.
  • Seal N' Flex FC: a fast curing, polyurethane construction product. The high hardness and mechanical resistance makes this product suitable for heavy traffic applications. Seal N' Flex FC has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 25%.
  • Seal N' Flex Facade: an advanced, multipurpose, hybrid construction sealant suitable for light traffic. Seal N' Flex Facade has an excellent UV and weather resistance and can be applied in wet conditions. This product is 100% zero bubbling and has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 25%.
  • MS Safe Seal: a BRANZ appraised, multi-purpose, heavy duty, MS-based adhesive for construction. It is a multi-purpose, heavy duty, MS-based adhesive for construction and building. Elastically seals most building materials and surfaces. Green Star compliant with exceptionally high initial grab.
  • Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant: a neutral cure, roofing and weather seal silicone sealant that is ideal for roofing, general plumbing, weather sealing and general purpose sealing. This roofing sealer has an excellent adhesion to decorative sheet metal and masonry/brick surfaces and is also Watermark® approved.
  • Fireban One: a fire rated polyurethane joint product suitable for common fire rated control joints and penetration seals. This fire rated product provides a fire seal up to 240 minutes as per AS1530.4. Fireban One has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces and has a heat resistant caulk that makes it a perfect solution for a caulker.


  • Fill-A-Gap: a general purpose acrylic gap filler that is ideal for low movement joint seals and general purpose gap filling. This concrete joint sealant is a recommended product for a caulker and is paintable with most paints for perfect finish.

Bostik products are backed by rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality that sealant applicators can trust for the job. For more information, call us today on 0508 222 777 or email our team here.



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