Bostik ASA Asaphonic Mat


Acoustic Mat

Asaphonic Mat is a preformed sheet of graded rubber particles bound together by a polyurethane binder. It provides a sound absorbing layer for covering concrete floors where impact noise isolation is required. It may be used for indoor or outdoor installations. Typical applications include unit blocks (including bathrooms, laundries and living areas), external decks and balcony areas.
Recommended Uses

  • Typical applications for excluding sound transmissions include unit blocks (including bathrooms, laundries and living areas), o external decks and balcony areas.
  • Acoustic attenuation when directly bonding tiles to
    • Concrete
    • Screed
    • Compressed fibre cement sheeting 


30804360 Black 5mm 1
30609001 Black 10mm 1
  • Reduces impact sound transmission
  • Does not expand or extrude laterally when compressed
  • Thermal insulator 

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