Bostik PEF Backing Rod


    Key Features

    • Closed cell rod
    • No water absorption
    • No outgassing
    • Good expansion recovery for a perfect fit
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Easy to install
    • Non toxic
    • Odourless
    • No adhesion to sealants
    • Light weight

    Closed Cell PEF Rod

    Bostik Backing Rod is a closed cell, low density polyethylene foam, designed for use as a backing material in construction joints before the application of sealants.
    Recommended Uses

    • Expansion joints between bricks and masonry
    • Joints between precast panels
    • Peripheral joints around aluminium and timber windows
    • Saw cut joints in concrete floors
    • Draught and dust proofing joints not needing other forms of sealing
    • Use with Bostik Seal ‘N Flex 1, Bostik Seal ‘N Flex FC, Bostik Fireban 1 and Bostik MS Safe Seal.

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