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These 33 high-end residential dwellings are situated a few minutes’ walk from Orewa Beach. Located on a stunning piece of land just north of Auckland.


To provide quality and competitively priced adhesives, construction sealants, fire-rated sealants, silicones, an acoustic system, and a waterproof system for all wet areas.


Using Bostik products, the result was a stylish seaside boutique development with great attention to construction detail, providing dwellers a safe, secure, and comfortable living space.


MS Safe Fix A solvent-free high-performance MS construction adhesive, with a high initial grab and Green Star compliant.

Seal N' Flex 1 A premium Class A polyurethane sealant for expansion and control joints. Ideal for pre-cast and tilt slab panels.

Seal N' Flex FC A fast-curing polyurethane joint sealant for vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas, with high performance, high bond strength.

Fireban One An intumescent, low modulus, Class A polyurethane fire rated external sealant, for gaps up to 50mm and up to 4 hours fire rating, as well as an STC 60 rating. For use on- panel joints, seams, and penetrations.

Firecaulk An internal fire rated sealant made in NZ, up to 4 hours rating and gap of 40mm. For use on internal concrete floors/walls and internal windows and door.

Kitchen & Bathroom Silicone A mould resistant premium 100% silicone sealant. Permanently flexible and used to seal joints in wet and damp areas.

Roof & Gutter Silicone A waterproof premium 100% silicone sealant. Excellent adhesion to metal and use on plumbing applications.

Dampfix Gold A Class 3 water-based polyurethane waterproof membrane. A two-coated system was applied over primed porous and non-porous substrates. Used in all wet areas

Conflex Adhesive A premium rubber modified tile adhesive. Excellent for demanding areas.

Asaphonic Mat An acoustic underlay was used in areas where impact noise was an issue. Primarily used in tiled areas. Tested and made in NZ.

Asaflex Adhesive Excellent tile adhesive used in conjunction with Bostik’s acoustic system in wet areas.

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