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Earn LBP Points with Bostik’s PU Expanding Foams

Bostik New Zealand wants to contribute to Kiwi Builders’ elective learning with the chance to earn LBP points thanks to its PU Expanding Foam range. 
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Sealing, filling cavities, insulating, eliminating draughts, minimising sound and providing energy savings are just some of the benefits that Bostik Expanding Foams offer the construction industry, with high demands for efficiency in costs, time and quality. 

Polyurethane foams are an extremely versatile insulating material, and play an important role in improving performance sustainability, significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings. Lost energy through walls, roofs and windows is the single biggest waste of energy in most buildings, resulting in loss of comfort, whilst adding to operating costs.

Bostik’s portfolio of expanding foams fulfills the needs and the demands for the job, and are BRANZ appraised.


The Bostik EXPANDA FOAM range is made up of professional grade and general-purpose PU expanding foams, with both gun applied and ready to-use applications.

  • BRANZ appraised, professional grade, construction quality (Pro range)
  • Very high yield and low post expansion in one product (Pro range)
  • Excellent insulation and acoustic properties
  • Fast curing and long lasting
  • Excellent stability
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces
  • Ideal to seal around windows, door frames, air conditioning vents, improving thermal insulation in heating and cooling systems, and sealing roof openings.

Contact one of our technical team for more information on our Expanda Foam range, or simply call 0508 222 272

Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam 750ml
BRANZ appraised, professional grade, gun applied PU foam, with very high yield (up to 50L) and low expansion in one product! 

Bostik Expanda Pro Foam 750ml
BRANZ appraised, professional grade, ready-to-use PU foam with very high yield (up to 45L) and low expansion in one product!  Multi-positionable; great for tight areas.

Bostik Expanda Foam GP 500ml
General purpose, ready-to-use PU foam, with reusable foldable nozzle and plug system to maximise shelf life once opened. 

Bostik Expanda Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ml
Removes uncured foam, cleans Expanda Foam Dispenser Guns, and cleans aerosol valves and spray nozzles of Expanda Foam aerosol cans.

Bostik Expanda Designer Gun
High quality, professional use gun, for use with Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam.  Body of gun made of steel.  

Bostik Expanda Compact Gun
Economical gun for use with Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam. 


Expanda Foam GP
  • Product
General purpose PU expanding foam
Expanda Pro Foam
  • Product
High yield, low expansion PU expanding foam
Expanda Pro Gun Foam
  • Product
High yield, low expansion PU expanding foam
Expanda Designer Applicator
  • Product
High quality foam gun