Quality adhesive products for the furniture assembly market

Bostik offers a complete line of adhesive products in the furniture assembly market.

For furniture, applications for our adhesive products range from panel bonding and edge wrap to seating applications. 

These furniture adhesive products provide optimal adhesion in an easy-to-use form, allowing operators a great deal of flexibility on the furniture assembly production line. 

Additionally, Bostik offers customers the convenience of polyamide and polyester webs as well as powder adhesives and polyolefins in traditional hot melt form. By doing so, these furniture adhesive products provide customers with flexibility to choose what is best for them, offering consistency in use as well as high heat and cold resistance.  

Bostik’s furniture adhesive products for the assembly market have the ability to adhere to a variety of substrates and it has the widest product range on the market.

These substrates include metal, fibreglass, cellulose skirtings as well as a multitude of fabrics, textiles, urethane foams and vinyl for a clean adhesion application. 

Bostik’s furniture adhesive products can also have our unmatched fire-retardant capability added directly into their chemistry for added consumer safety.

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