Bostik Gone Fishin’ TV show  – back on air late September 2018


The second Bostik Gone Fishin’ Series for 2018, kicks off Sunday 23rd September, at 4:30pm on Three.

Gone Fishin’ was one of New Zealand’s first fishing shows, and celebrates 25 years this year. 

To celebrate this milestone, the second season for 2018 of Bostik Gone Fishin’ will includes a regular “Blast from The Past” segment which covers some of the highlights of yester year. 

A lot has changed since series one! After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) during the filming of series five, host Graeme Sinclair quickly found himself having to cope with life in a wheelchair. As they say, “Where there is a will there is a way!” 

The adventures have continued and Bostik Gone Fishin’ continues to follow great fishing stories around New Zealand. Perhaps best described as, “a slice of outdoor New Zealand which introduces viewers to great people and magnificent scenery wrapped around a series of adventures,” Bostik Gone Fishin’ celebrates the privilege that accrues through interactions with our wonderful marine environment.   

Some of the highlights of the second season of Bostik Gone Fishin’ for 2018 include:

Ep 1 Fishing News (Sunday 23rd Sept - 4.30pm on Three)

An introduction to 25 years of fishing television and the magazine that has been the fisherman’s friend for a very long time, NZ Fishing News.

In the Hauraki Gulf testing Livey’s, a new soft bait innovation.

Blast from The Past - Crayfish Bungy.

Ep 2 Motors and Mayhem (Sunday 30 Sept - 4.30pm on Three)

We join Cameron from Honda for a lesson on outboard motor evolution and fish spring snapper work ups in the Hauraki Gulf.

Blast from the Past - Te Kaha snapper.

Ep 3 Hunting with James (Sunday 7th October - 4.30pm on Three)

James and his buddy Sean venture in to Southland red deer country and roar up a couple of stags.

Blast from the Past - Big Trout of the Horomunga.

Ep 4 Glow bites (Sunday 14th October - 4.30pm on Three)

Glow bites are a Kiwi innovation that enable anglers to catch more fish. We join Wes, the inventor and test drive these productive little fish slayers.

Blast from The Past - Anita Rose Marlin.

Ep 5 Rod Building and Testing. (Sunday 21st October - 4.30pm on Three)

Luke is a rod builder and very capable angler. We learn how to make a great rod and then put it to the test. 

Blast from The Past - Action on North Reef.

Ep 6 Hapuku and Blue Nose (Sunday 28th October - 4.30pm on Three)

We fish the Far North in search of Hapuku and Blue Nose, hook up on kingfish and test tackle to its limits.

Blast from The Past - Longlining for Whitebait.

Ep 7 The Bay of Islands (Sunday 4th November - 4.30pm on Three)

James joins Matt Smith targeting kingfish in the Bay of Islands. Matt’s father, Bruce, and I have a long history.

Blast from The Past - Three King Marlin with Bruce Smith.

Ep 8 Jigging for Trout (Sunday 11th November - 4.30pm on Three)

Join James and Brett for a weekend fishing the opening of the 2018-2019 season. It has become customary for us to fish Lake Okataina, one of Rotorua’s scenic gems and home to fat sleek rainbow trout.

Blast from The Past - South Westland Browns.

Ep 9 Hokianga (Sunday 18th November - 4.30 on Three)

Henry makes hot sauce, catches fish and hunts pigs. We join Henry for a romp around the Hokianga and share a little local wisdom.

Blast from The Past - Solander Island

Ep 10 Nelson (Sunday 25th November - 4.30pm on Three)

The first part of our Nelson story looking at how snapper stocks have rebounded and how best to catch them.

Blast from The Past - Okiwi Bay Snapper

Ep 11 Nelson (part two) (Sunday 2nd December - 4.30pm on Three)

Introducing some new techniques. Evaluating soft baits and slow jigs. The locals told us they don’t work. See for yourself.

Blast from The Past - French Pass 

So make sure you tune into TV3 from 23 September 2018 to catch all the action on Bostik Gone Fishin’!


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