Bostik launches High Tack MS Adhesive

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Bostik NZ are pleased to announce the launch of Bostik High Tack H785, the original, high quality, professional, ultra-strong MS instant grab adhesive, with an extremely high initial tack and strength.

Unlike other adhesives, it will adhere heavy materials without mechanical fixing or bracing while curing, and provides a long last hold.

Bostik High Tack withstands an incredible 450kg /m2, based on initial adhesion and immediate strength. 

This immediate hold and strength of Bostik High Tack makes it is ideal for items like mirrors or splash backs. You can just glue them and ‘walk away’.  And because its MS-based, it won’t damage solvent-sensitive substrates, such as mirrors, glass or polystyrene.

Being moisture and weather resistant, Bostik High Tack is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, and can be used for a wide range range of building materials such as stone, concrete, mirrors, glass, PU, PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramics, metals, stainless steel, wood and more.

This unique all-round Construction Adhesive is not only extremely strong and powerful, but due to its unique properties it will adhere directly without the need of supporting the bond.

Bostik High Tack can be used to bond both porous and non-porous materials, and is also permanently elastic.

Ideal for low VOC applications, and does not contain any isocyanates, solvents and silicones. Available in 290 mL cartridge in white.

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