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Improving efficiencies and overall performance

The right adhesive technology can address these issues while improving the environment and worker safety. In particular, our direct glazing adhesives offer:

  • Primerless adhesion and high green strength for increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs 

  • High temperature and UV resistance for improved durability and performance overall 
  • Multi-substrate bonding for improved process flexibility and reduced complexity  
  • Isocyanate and solvent-free formulations for improved worker safety and reduced emissions

Featured product: ISR 70-08 AP

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Glazing Adhesives


Which adhesive is compliant with Environmental and Safety regulations?

Silyl Modified Polymers adhesives are projected to grow due to stringent environmental and safety regulations on other adhesives in the market. These regulations prohibit the use of highly toxic solvents which have VOC emissions. As SMP adhesives are odorless, free of isocyanates and solvents, and emit low VOCs, while providing similar performances as polyurethane adhesives, their demand is expected to increase.


How can I avoid having to prepare the surfaces before applying adhesive?

Most standard direct glazing adhesives require surface preparation, cleaning agents, primers or priming solutions prior to adhesive application. However, avoiding surface preparation can be beneficial as additional stages add important production time and costs. SMP adhesives can be used with less surface preparation than other technologies.


How to improve comfort with the right adhesives for direct glazing?

Comfort of vehicles depends essentially on the successful suppression of two factors: noise and vibration. The vibrations transmitted from the tires to the windows by the acoustic bridges generate pressure oscillations inside the vehicles that passengers perceive as noise. These oscillations can be reduced by using a direct glazing adhesive with a low modulus of elasticity and good damping features.


What is Dual Silyl Modified Polymer?

Bostik Dual SMP technology further improves the processing speed of application and hardening. An impressive 75% shear force of our dual SMP adhesive is achieved after just 24 hours, giving an unparalleled green strength. This accelerated cure rate reduces clamp time significantly - from 4 hours to 30 minutes, in some cases. For ease of application, we've developed a Dual SMP gun. This patented tool mixes both SMP components in a uniform way, thus speeding up the production process.


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