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Smart adhesives for roofing membranes and underlays 

Bostik’s underlay overlapping, self-adhesive membrane and membrane lamination adhesives, based on hot melt pressure sensitive (HMPSA), hot melt polyolefin (HMPO) and hot melt polyurethane (HMPUR) technologies, offer distinct advantages for over other technologies that make it easy to address key application needs.

When using an HMPSA for underlay overlapping and self-adhere roofing membrane applications, you can:

  • Increase installation ease of use with integrated self-adhesive stripe for overlapping bonding 
  • Enhance performance, insulation capabilities and efficiencies due to excellent initial adhesion with high tack

When using an HMPO for membrane lamination applications, you can:

  • Increase process flexibility and layering abilities due compatibility with a wide range of substrates and application systems  
  • Improve productivity and ease of use due to no curing phase 

When using an HMPUR for membrane lamination applications, you can:

  • Increase ageing performance and building protection with elevated service temperature, UV and humidity resistance  
  • Enhance energy efficiency and improve worker safety with low application temperature 

Featured product: TLH 2216E

Featured product: TH 2157



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Frequently Asked Questions about Membranes and Underlays Adhesives


Are Bostik adhesives suitable for overlapping bonding?

Yes, Bostik offers improved solutions for overlapping bonding applications with self-adhered adhesives and liquid adhesives, even for liquid membranes depending on the application methods in the field.


Does Bostik benchmark adhesives to established industry code specifications for membranes and underlays applications?

Yes, Bostik does thorough testing internally and validates specific needs with third party outside labs for industry specifications with current regulation for Membrane & Underlays applications. We are equipped to test many adhesive technologies and address the relevant performance criteria.


Does Bostik formulate adhesives to address sustainability concerns for membranes and underlays adhesives?

Yes, we can address sustainability, recyclability, and life-cycle assessment of our products as well as safety of those who use our adhesives for membranes and underlays applications. 


Does Bostik offer adhesives for membrane lamination?

Bostik offers adhesive products with hot melt pressure sensitive (HMPSA), hot melt polyolefin (HMPO) and hot melt polyurethane (HMPUR) technologies for membrane lamination. If you have specific needs, contact us!

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