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Kizen™ HEAT

Ideal for hot filling application, end of line packaging, including case and carton sealing and tray erecting, Kizen HEAT is the high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive in the Kizen product line that enables adhesive savings and improves plant efficiency.
Product overview

· Resists to thermal shock and temperature variations from 0°C to 80°C.
· Fast set speeds and adhesion to a variety of packaging substrates.
· Outstanding thermal stability, aiding in low maintenance, char-free operations, low fuming.
· Tailored rheology, which facilitates ultra-precise application and clean cut off.
· Low viscosity and excellent specific adhesion enable strong bonds.
· Enables low adhesive consumption compared to market standards (save 20-30% resources) thanks to improved rheological behavior.
· Recycle-ready
· Food safety compliant

Geographic availability
  • Europe

Smart Advantages


Minimal adhesive consumption

Heat resistant hot melt adhesive

Improves plant productivity

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