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Smart adhesives for abrasive lamination

With Bostik’s hot melt polyurethane adhesives, it’s easy for manufacturers to address these trends. Our portfolio offers:

  • Increased production speeds due to low application temperature and stability 
  • Improved design opportunities due to versatility on difficult substrates
  • Enhanced worker safety and reduced greenhouse gases with no CMRs

Featured Product: Supergrip 90LE

Frequently Asked Question about Abrasive Lamination Adhesive


What are hot melt polyurethane adhesives?

Bostik’s Supergrip hot melt polyurethane adhesives are one-component adhesives that do not require a secondary curative. While solid at room temperature, these adhesives liquefy when heated for application via bead, spray or roll coat methods. Hot melt polyurethane adhesives react with atmospheric moisture to form thermoset materials, yield characteristically strong and temperature-resistant bonds.


Why does Supergrip 90LE improve process and protection of operators in abrasive lamination?

Supergrip 90LE improves the process for abrasive lamination thanks to its low-temperature application, machine speed improvements whatever substrates, stability (stop and go easiness), and no smell features. This adhesive offers heath and safety protection by no CMR labelling, and Ekotex certified bio-based materials.

question-mark-bostik-image.pngWhat is Bostik's expertise in terms of abrasive lamination?

Bostik is an expert in hot melt technology, particularly in polyurethane hot melt adhesives with low monomer emissions. We can offer our customers a unique package of specialty hot melt adhesives (web, film, powders, pellets) and are developing joint solutions with Arkema. In addition, we have a global network of experts for technical support and sales. 

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