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Smart adhesives for appliances 

Fortunately, our portfolio of appliance adhesives makes it easy to address these needs for a range of applications. Compared to foamed tapes, our foam-in-place adhesives are ideal for seam sealing and gasketing since they offer:

  • Reduced risk of insulation leaks due to proven sealing reliability
  • Lowered error likelihood due to compatibility with automated systems
  • Improved cost-in-use with 30-50% less material usage

For coil bonding, our thermally conductive butyl adhesives provide advantages over aluminum tapes, including:

  • Increased energy savings due to great heat conductivity and low-temperature application
  • Heightened process efficiency and cleaning by reducing changeover waste by 5-10% due to our smart packaging system

For glass bonding, our Silyl-Modified Polymer (SMP) adhesives offer:

  • Maximized productivity since no primer is needed
  • Enhanced versatility due to wide substrate compatibility
  • Improved worker safety and sustainability with no isocyanate

Featured product: Kizen® Force

Featured product: Kontaktmassa X

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