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Smart adhesives for leather goods

The right adhesives can address these issues. Based on watered dispersive polyurethane polymer (WB-PUD) technology, our adhesives can: 

  • Improve product performance and durability due to high structural end-performance on many substrates and backing materials 
  • Preserve aesthetics and haptics with reactivation temperatures between 60°C and 80°C 
  • Enhance worker safety with minimized flammability, low burn risk and solvent-free formulas    
  • Heighten sustainability due to low VOCs 
  • Speed up production with sprayable, room temperature application methods and eliminated curing times 


Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Goods Adhesives


What are the most suitable adhesives for leather goods?

Various types of glues are suitable for bonding leather items. For example, polyurethane adhesives can be applied for high-performance, water-resistant, and long-lasting bonds. It is used, for example, to repair or strengthen shoes or belts. There are also durable, solvent-free alternatives: water-based adhesives are often used for such materials. For bonding leather jewelry, it is recommended that you apply cyanoacrylate-based glue. Finally, UV cross-linking adhesives contain low VOC content and low odor content. They can be used to glue metal pieces onto the leather.


Why are polyurethane dispersing adhesives (PUD) recommended for leather goods?

These leather adhesives replace solvent-based adhesives and reduce environmental impact. They are non-flammable and low VOCs. They are very easy to apply (spray, roll, etc.) at ambient temperature and require no prior treatment. They are also resistant to aging (not yellowing) and high temperatures.


What adhesive should be used to recycle leather goods?

Lots of adhesive technologies can help you recycle your leather goods products. It is possible to choose aqueous polyurethane glues, which are very safe because they are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), increasingly regulated. Alternatively, you may choose a Thermo-reactive adhesive film. These adhesives are compatible with product recycling by making it possible to separate different components.


What adhesives do you recommend for shoes?

If you want to select the best adhesive for shoes, you may look for these features:

  •  low tendency to yellowing
  •  low oxidative degradation in time
  •  high initial peel strength good film barrier properties against plasticizer migration
  •  high versatility

Solvent and neoprene adhesives are suggested for bonding the outsole. These adhesives offer a wide range of versatility. They can bond many substrates such as leather, ethylene vinyl acetate, or rubber. Polyurethane glue could also be used for this application.

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