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Adam Greenberg and Vicki Wolpoff are back for another dive into the incontinence market. On this episode, they'll focus on the needs of those suffering from incontinence, and how incontinence product producers are and are not meeting those needs.

Aside from medical care, individuals that suffer from incontinence also struggle with an array of other issues that compound their condition. Addressing these sub-factors is key to empowering patients to tackle the condition to the best of their abilities. In Part 2 of this episode of "Attached to Hygiene," host Jack Hughes continues speaking with NorthShore Care Supplies Director of Marketing and Communications, Vicki Wolpoff, and NorthShore Owner and Founder, Adam Greenberg to discuss the secondary struggles that come with incontinence, the benefits of incorporating fashion and variety into adult care products, and how fundamental education is in ending the confusion around incontinence.

Why You Don't Want to Confuse Your Market

One of the many factors that hinder individuals suffering from incontinence is confusion. When patients don't understand the terms that appear in the materials they're reading, they tend to get discouraged. The reason is, when someone faces a condition they're shy about, the last thing they want to do is attract attention. As much as possible, they'll try to understand things on their own, but if they fail, they could give up. This is why it's critical for adult care products to be accessible, especially to the senior market. If the information in the packaging is too exclusive, people choosing from the options available on the shelves won't benefit. What's worse, some packaging may even prove to be counterproductive. For NorthShore, this becomes an opportunity to lead with designs that informs and educates. They provide educational materials to their consumers through packaging, blogs, and their company website for every step in the purchasing process.


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Outline of the Episode

  • [02:01] What people with incontinence seek the most
  • [03:43] Aside from the primary needs, what are the other factors that patients struggle with?
  • [06:31] The need for more education about incontinence
  • [09:07] Confusion hinders people from getting to know the products they need.
  • [12:48] About NorthShore's most-read article: "Why shouldn't you double up?"
  • [15:44] The effects of incorporating fashion into adult care products
  • [18:53] COVID elevated everyone, including the elderly.
  • [22:30] With sustainability comes innovation.
  • [24:11] The medical-looking packages need to go!
  • [26:38] Flexibility differs when designing products for the lightly affected to the heavily affected patients


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