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Our hot melt adhesives offer:
  • Low and high temperature resistance to expand performance capabilities
  • Permanent or removable formulations to enhance application versatility
  • Quick tack and wet out to difficult substrates, including sustainable paper materials, to reduce environmental footprint
How Do Our Linerless Label Adhesives Help Your Sustainability Efforts?
Our linerless label adhesives offer the right combination of tack and peel to eliminate release liner requirement. Additionally, with ideal adhesion and cohesion, they work well in linerless label printers without causing printer jams.
Because they are formulated specifically to enable linerless label creation, they contribute to sustainability efforts and reduce waste generation. Bio-based options are available, as well, for further environmental impact reduction.
Why Work with Bostik for Your Linerless Label Adhesive Needs?
An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:
  • A unique, backward integration structure among PSA suppliers for raw materials and monomers
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific label application and manufacturing needs
  • Market-leading products and manufacturing support across broad range of applications
Our product families for linerless label adhesives include:
  • Thermogrip®
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