Asbestos abatement

Providing maximum protection at each stage of the asbestos abatement process

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Maximum protection at every stage of the asbestos abatement process


The presence of asbestos fibres in old thermal insulation and building materials is still very much in evidence in the UK. Depending on the condition and location of the asbestos, it may be necessary to encapsulate or remove these materials.

Bostik’s specialist range of products provides maximum protection at each stage of the asbestos abatement process – from site preparation to encapsulation and removal. As part of Bostik, many products in the range still bear the Idenden name, which is synonymous with the asbestos abatement industry.

Site preparation

We provide a number of versatile products for the construction and sealing of the polythene enclosures used when encapsulating or removing asbestos, such as self-adhesive tapes and sprayable adhesives.


If the asbestos containing material (ACM) is in good condition, it can often be safely left in situ, provided it is treated in a two-stage process of impregnation and encapsulation.

Bostik offers a number of specially formulated products to impregnate and stabilise the ACM and completely seal treated surfaces. 

The 30-17 PVA sealer will permeate the materials and seal in any random fibres. Our protective sealer coatings can then be applied by brush or airless spray, resulting in a dried film that is flexible, durable and resistant to fire, water, mould and insect attack.


In the case of complete removal of asbestos containing materials, specialist products are required to minimise fibre emission. Bostik’s 30-330 is a red, water-borne material formulated for use in the controlled damp stripping of ACMs that provides excellent penetration to reduce fibre counts.

Following the removal of ACMs, it’s often necessary to coat and seal the surfaces to ensure that any retained random fibre is sealed and locked onto the stripped surface. Bostik’s sealers are designed to control random fibres after removal and in the de-tenting process, to provide a tough, clear, protective coating.

*Any work involving the removal or encapsulation of asbestos must only be carried out according to current regulations by an approved contractor.

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