Building Chemicals & Landscaping

A comprehensive range of building chemicals and landscaping products

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Versatile solutions for a variety of working environments

Bostik's range of building chemicals and landscaping products comprises some of our most versatile and complex technological offerings. Due to the broad scope of application these solutions cover, it’s an area in which we are continually applying our most sophisticated levels of research and development.

From PVAs and mortar plasticisers through to wide jointing compounds, our building chemicals and landscaping products are present in a wide variety of working environments. 

All products in the range are practical, easy to use, effective and include:

  • Building adhesives, primers and sealers
  • Chemical admixtures formulated to plasticise, waterproof, accelerate or retard
  • Surface treatments that clean, restore and protect
  • Mortars for installation, repair and maintenance
  • Cement colours for decorative effects
  • Wide jointing compounds for paths and patios

Ease of selection is achieved via clear product names, descriptions and illustrations on all packaging.

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