Building Envelope Adhesives

Prepared for all weathers!

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Building envelope adhesives

We pride ourselves to be an expert partner for durable and high perfomance bonding & flashing solutions.

Our broad portfolio of technologies addresses a wide array of building insulation and weather-proofing applications for residential and commercial buildings featuring pitch or flat roofs.

Building envelope application

Building Flashing applications

Ridge Solar panel Hip Chimney abutment
Abutment Windows & doors Pipe

Building Membrane

Membrane Lamination, Overlapping & Self Adhesives applications 

Roofing underlays Vapor control layer (interior) Synthetic flat roofing membrane Facade membrane

Building envelope technologies


HMPSA technology improve user experience with stripe overlapping bonding. It's compatible with a wide range of substrates and a broad temperature range. This is an excellent initial adhesion for instant bonding with high tack level and there are no curing phase.


HMPO technology is versatile, compatible with a wide range of substrates and application systems, cost effective and easy to use (no curing phase).


HMPUR technology is a low application temperature and the highest market requirements (elevated service temperature >80°C, UV and humidity resistance) compatible with the most difficult substrates (aluminium...).


Butyl technology is easy to use on site with no flaming or primer. Butyl has an excellent durability it doesn't dry out or crack or become brittle. Versatile to use for all climates and conditions: -30°C to 80°C (up to 120°C short term).

Prepared for all weathers!
Bonding & flashing solutions for building and insulation components

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