Windscreen Bonding


Aftermarket and OEM glazing adhesive for windscreen bonding

At Bostik, our aim has always been to turn adhesive technologies into smart solutions that help you deliver superior automotive products in the most cost-efficient way.

Spread across three continents, our dedicated automotive experts have created a range of OEM and aftermarket windscreen adhesives that provide environmental and process advantages using silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology.

As a sustainable technology leader in the automotive market, we are at the forefront of direct-glazing adhesive technologies. If you want to speak to the experts about your specific assembly needs, we would love to help you find and use the best adhesive for the job. 

Contact our account team directly and improve your bonding processes with Bostik today.

Windscreen adhesive solutions for OEM and aftermarket applications

Bonding glass or other windscreen materials to a motor vehicle's body requires strength and flexibility from an adhesive – whether that is on an assembly line or in a garage workshop.

Our windscreen bonding products provide greater reliability and durability on the assembly line. Additionally, by using our SMP adhesives, you can make significant cost-in-use savings compared to other technologies. 

For aftermarket applications, Bostik adhesives have been favoured by OEMs of high-end sports cars for several years. Our adhesives meet the stringent requirements of the aftermarket and provide a range of drive away times to best suit your needs.  

Windscreen adhesive: technologies

Silyl-modified polymers (SMP)

An easy-to-apply, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly range of windscreen adhesives.  

Bostik SMP adhesives are the smart choice for windscreen bonding, offering improved efficiency and exceptional performance. 

Our SMP products can be used without primers, meaning they reduce production time and costs by minimising substrate preparation. 

As well as primerless adhesion, our SMP systems boast high green strength, allowing movement shortly after windscreen installation. Plus their solvent-free and isocyanate-free formulations contain little or no VOCs.

Dual SMP 

In addition to one-part SMP formulations, we offer a two-component system. Bostik dual SMP technology further increases the processing speed of application and cure. 

An impressive 75% of the shear strength of our dual SMP adhesive is reached after just 24 hours, giving unsurpassed green strength. This accelerated cure rate reduces clamp time significantly - from 4 hours to 30 minutes, in some cases.

For ease of application, we have developed a dual SMP gun. This patented tool mixes both SMP components consistently and uniformly accelerating the production process.

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