Automotive sealants

Meeting the demands of the automotive industry with high-performance sealants

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Automotive sealants

We have a long-standing involvement in the global transportation industry as an innovative provider of sealant systems. We offer a broad range of products for all stages of vehicle production, component manufacturing and assembly.

Our sealants make it possible to reduce vehicle weight and fulfil the demands of the industry for weather resistance and long-term mechanical performance. You will commonly find our sealant products used for specialist automotive applications like spot weld sealing and watershield sealing.

Our smart sealant systems are engineered for strength, durability, and styling aesthetics – all critical requirements in contemporary vehicle design and assembly. They satisfy the demands of automotive manufacturers for elasticity, torsional stiffness, temperature and weather resistance, adhesion to dissimilar materials, and minimal surface preparation.


Spot weld sealant

Combining ease of use and corrosion resistance with heat resistance and strong adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates – our spot weld sealant products are a perfect addition to any assembly line. 

Watershield sealant

Offering strong, primerless adhesion to a range of automotive substrates, as well as excellent heat and humidity resistance, our hot melt solutions are highly flexible and impermeable, making them the ideal choice for watershield sealing.

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