Bostik gets CEKAL approval for insulating glass sealants

Bostik qualifié Cekal


Our primary sealant Bostik 2000 (PIB) as well as our secondary sealant Bostik 5000 (hot melt butyl) have just been added to the list of approved products for use in CEKAL-certified insulating glass units. Our new hot melt secondary Bostik 6000 is also available through individual permissions of use issued by CEKAL.


Bostik is a major manufacturer of hot melt sealants for insulating glass, a technology capable of meeting the increasingly-stringent demands from the market in terms of productivity and sustainable development. This technology is the easiest edge sealing solution to apply as it requires no mixing, no purging, no curing, hence reducing waste and other production constraints (down times, storage space, etc.). When they are used on automated lines, hot melt sealants help reduce the application cycle times by around 40% when compared to two-component reactive solutions (sealing time as low as 17 to 20 seconds depending on the size of the insulating glass unit).


The hot melt edge sealants boast a vapour barrier performance up to 25 times greater than that of traditional two-component technologies and up to 650 times better when it comes to argon retention. These two factors are indeed key to the durability of insulating glass units.


The sealants are formulated with the well-being of the operator and the end user in mind. They are not classed as harmful for human health or the environment, which is an undeniable additional safety attribute.


Each year more than 50 million insulating glass units worldwide are assembled using Bostik’s high-performance hot melt sealants which are now available for the manufacture of CEKAL-certified units in France and internationally.


For more information regarding Bostik’s hot melt insulating glass sealants, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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