Dual System for resealable packaging

With over 18,8 million tons and almost 300 billion units produced globally, the market of flexible packaging for food remains a major industry, with growing expectations from manufacturers and end-users in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability.

Bostik’s Reseal technology, based on M-Resins, is an innovative solution which brings flexible packaging for food into a new era, increasing brand visibility, conveniency for the users and food safety, while reducing food waste.

Bostik innovates with Dual System, by adding Recyclability to Resealability.

As the whole packaging chain gets more and more involved in recycling and circular economy matters, Bostik launches a combination of M-Resin and Bostik’s Vitel copolyester resins which makes the reseal system compatible with mono A-PET trays. This allows the use of recyclable trays for food, among which cheese (pre-sliced, blocks, snacks, …) and meat (smoked meat, sausage, bacon, …).


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