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High Performance Tape Adhesive Applications

From roadmarking and dry walling to automotive, Bostik’s high performance tape adhesive products offer superb processability and steadfast adherence. They are also the ideal products for a range of needs in industrial markets and are able to stand up to the most stringent requirements.

Featured High Performance Tape Adhesive Products

Thermogrip® 2211

Thermogrip 2211 is a pressure sensitive product that has high tack and high shear. Suited for a variety of assembly applications, this high performance tape adhesive had good adhesion to metals and most plastics. It also has good temperature resistance at a workable viscosity. 

Thermogrip® 20103

Thermogrip 20103 is a pressure sensitive product with high internal strength and high tack and peel. With excellent adhesion to corrugate, this product also has high internal strength. 

Thermogrip® 2187-01 

Thermogrip 2187-01 is a hot melt pressure sensitive that has high die-cutting ability. It also has high release and high tack and peel properties. This product bonds well to corrugated material at room temperature and is commonly used for tire and battery label applications.

A leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives, Bostik’s high performance tape adhesive products give customers the best overall value.

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