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Show Notes:

In the absorbent hygiene industry, each region has its own unique blend of consumer needs and preferences. The AMAS market, which includes Central, North, and South America, is no exception. This expansive territory includes a diverse population, varying climates, and cultural differences. There are even distinctions from nation to nation. As an article producer, you know that understanding these factors allows you to best meet your consumers’ needs. In the first half of this two-part episode of ‘Attached to Hygiene’, host Jack Hughes is joined by two experts who share their insights into this region. Augusto Quiroz, Bostik’s commercial director for the Americas region supporting customers in Latin America, and Kelley Reigert, strategic commercial account manager in North America, discuss trends, user habits, and other factors that play a role in the Americas.

An overview of the AMAS region

With just over a billion individuals, the AMAS market stretches from northern Canada to the southern tip of Argentina. In all, the Americas comprise 21% of the global hygiene market’s 691 billion articles sold annually, based on 2020 findings. Over the last several years, the AMAS region has experienced many of the same trends seen globally. Period products make up the largest number of articles sold. As birth rate decreases and the aging population continues to grow, the sale of baby care products is expected to drop. Meanwhile, demand for period care and adult incontinence items rise. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire region, as experienced worldwide. One trend that has flourished since 2020 is the use of online shopping. The pandemic has also resulted in a decrease in the GDP across the board and factors like inflation changing the purchasing power of individuals and families.

Specific trends shaping absorbent hygiene in the AMAS region

Recent years have seen the rise of new trends, as well as others that have grown stronger since the pandemic. The region is seeing more of brands partnering exclusively with one store—Hello Bello and Walmart being a prime example. In certain stores in South America, there are special themed days such as ‘Diaper Day’ so consumers know when they can get deals on those articles. Another trend taking place is the consolidation of companies and commoditisation of products. Together, these lead to more companies offering good quality articles at lower cost, making hygiene items more affordable. Other manufacturers are selling products individually for those who cannot meet the financial burden of buying in bulk. These trends are expected to continue, as the economy will likely remain in a state of recovery over the next few years.

Outline of the Episode

  • [4:11] Introduction of the experts

  • [09:45] Overview of market potential for the Americas

  • [12:05] A breakdown of products sold, by percentage, in the LATAM countries

  • [14:30] As birth rate decreases, aging populations grow

  • [16:16] Decrease in GDP and inflation have impacted disposable income

  • [20:30] The trend of online shopping, and reliance on user reviews

  • [25:02] User habits that vary from country to country

  • [27:30] The advent of ‘product days’ in certain South American countries

  • [28:24] The trend of brands aligned exclusively with one store chain

  • [36:17] Commoditisation becoming more of a trend to keep products affordable


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Host: Jack Hughes

Music by Jonathan Boyle

Produced and edited by: Jack Hughes with help from Paul Andrews, Michele Tonkovitz, Emory Churness, Nikki Ackerman, and Green Onion Creative.


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