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Show Notes:

Get a fresh take on the consumer need for confidence and how it drives disposable hygiene market trends! In this informative episode of “Attached to Hygiene,” Jack Hughes and Christophe Morel, Bostik Nonwovens Global Marketing Manager for Market Insights and Sustainable Innovation, explore the need for confidence—and how to deliver it—from every angle.

Highlights include:

  • The many ways confidence in product and brand can positively impact the consumer experience AND your business
  • The importance of confidence in adult incontinence and feminine hygiene
  • How choosing the right adhesive can help optimise product performance o increase confidence for both you and your consumer

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Host: Jack Hughes

Music by Jonathan Boyle

Produced and edited by: Jack Hughes with help from Paul Andrews, Michele Tonkovitz, Emory Churness, Nikki Ackerman, and Green Onion Creative.


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