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Vitel® 4361B

Vitel® 4361B is a hot melt copolyester adhesive used in assembly for foam and mattress.
Product overview
Vitel® 4361B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated resin. Vitel® 4361B is a high performance hot melt adhesive designed to bond textiles and vinyl film. This product has a short open time, low application viscosity, and good temperature resistance.

While primarily used in textile bonding applications due to the moderate melting point offered by Vitel® 4361B, this product may be used in other assembly applications where these properties are desired. 
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Oceania

Smart Advantages

Excellent resistance to plasticizer migration: increase longevity.
Excellent wash resistance: increase performance.
Short open time: improve process efficiency.

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