self-levelling compound

Self-Levelling Underlay
Fast-curing and time-saving solutions

Choosing an appropriate levelling solution is an essential part of subfloor preparation. Bostik provides the ideal base for your flooring installation.

To achieve a smooth base for your floor covering, you need a flexible, fast-curing solution that works with a range of substrates. To obtain a smooth and solid finished resilient floor, a high quality self-levelling underlay is an absolute necessity. Our innovative self-levelling underlay solutions are designed to save flooring contractors valuable time and money. With low dust, low door and walk-on times as short as two hours, Bostik products are the smart choice for your subfloor preparation needs. 

Self-levelling underlay: Smart innovations 

Our free-flowing, self-smoothing underlay solutions offer plenty of benefits to help you tackle the toughest challenges:

  • Easy to use: Excellent flow characteristics make Bostik's self-levelling underlay solutions easy to use; most are pumpable.
  • Fast-curing: Our products showcase rapid-setting technologies that accelerate floor preparation and installation.
  • Flexibility: Bostik's subfloor products are ideal for a wide range of substrate applications, from concrete and sand/cement screeds to stone, rigid metal and wood.
  • Polymer-modified: Bostik's cementitious products have good quality polymer content for excellent adhesion, strength, durability and flexibility.


Bostik’s range of self-levelling underlays is formulated with polymer-modified technologies:

Polymer-modified binders (PMB)

Our cementitious products are highly modified with polymer additives for strength and flexibility.

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