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Gauging Savings

Porcelain Panel Project Saves Time & Money

Installer Testimonial:
Danny Fulton, Vice President of Fulton Tile & Stone

As a business owner, I’m always looking for efficiencies that are time and cost saving. Ultimately, we decided to work with this newer product, Bosti-Set™. Even though it is a bit more costly than other products, we may have saved close to $5,000 just by using it. And that number is very conservative.”


Install 2,500 square feet of gauged porcelain panels for a commercial kitchen classroom

70 gauged porcelain panels to install

Faster, more efficient method of installation desired


Bostik Bosti-Set™ for panel installation: 

Faster installation with 0 VOC product

No mixing needed

No dust, water or electricity required during installation

80% less weight than conventional mortars


Faster installation — 30 minute time-saving per panel vs. conventional mortars 

No mixing needed — open and go, offering the customer a better experience

Panels can be installed in roughly half the time, even with a smaller work crew

Sound reduction as a result of Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology found in Bosti-Set™