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Oceania Healthcare - Green Gables Retirement Village

Gibbon Contractors


This project consisted of high-end independent 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom living units for retirees 


The contractor required quality and reliable products at a competitive price. To enhance safety, passive fire protection using internal and external fire-rated sealants was needed. The project’s aim is to also provide beautifully-finished spaced with great attention to detail, requiring a variety of construction sealants, adhesives, and silicones.


With the help of Bostik products, Green Gables achieved its goal of providing a safe, beautifully-finished individual living apartments, which is also known as Nelson’s best retirement location.


Bostik MS Safe Seal A waterproofing sealant for external use, as well as a general-purpose gap filling sealant for internal/external applications.

Fireban One An intumescent, low modulus, Class A polyurethane fire rated external sealant, for gaps up to 50mm and up to 4 hours fire rating, as well as an STC 60 rating. For use on-panel joints, seams, and penetrations.

Firecaulk An internal fire-rated sealant made in NZ, up to 4 hours rating and gap of 40mm. For use on internal concrete floors/walls and internal windows and door

Kitchen & Bathroom Silicone A mould resistant premium 100% silicone sealant. Permanently flexible and used to seal joints in wet and damp areas.

Roof & Gutter Silicone A waterproof premium 100% silicone sealant. Excellent adhesion to metal and use on plumbing applications

MS Safe Fix A solvent-free high-performance MS construction adhesive with a high initial grab and Green Star compliant

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