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MS Safe Seal

BRANZ appraised, solvent-free, high performance MS construction sealant
Product overview

Bostik MS Safe Seal is a multipurpose odour free, isocyanate free and solvent free sealant for construction & building. MS Safe Seal is fully paintable according to DIN 52452, PT4. Not designed to seal immersed joints or below waterline applications.

Recommended Uses

•  Sealing expansion joints
•  Sealing in general construction
•  Sealing most building materials

• Appraisal No.705

Available in a 300mL cartridge and 600mL sausage; in white, black and grey.


Geographic availability
  • New Zealand

Smart Advantages

Meets NZBC E2 / AS1
BRANZ Appraisal No.705 (view)
Complies with ISO 11600 / F / 25LM
  • Meets NZBC E2/AS1
  • BRANZ appraised: Appraisal No.705 (2010) 
  • Complies with ISO 11600/F/25LM
  • Suitable for LOSP
  • Low odour
  • Low VOC
  • Can be used in green buildings
  • Non slump
  • Easy to gun and tool
  • Paintable
  • Total movement 50%(± 25%)
  • Very low shrinkage