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Bostik’s complete line of adhesive products for the packaging market ranges from rigid packaging to flexible packaging and works well for a variety of applications in the packaging market. Additionally, Bostik continually works to ensure that our packaging adhesive products evolve alongside this changing market.

Our adhesive products for rigid packaging are durable and versatile. These packaging formulas also generate strong adhesive products with the right open and set times to optimise production lines. 

Designed to handle a wide range of end-use temperatures and adhere to a variety of substrates, rigid packaging applications include freezer, general purpose, low application temperature and specialty uses. 

These rigid packaging adhesive products have extreme heat resistance for high temperature shipping or hot fill packaging as well as fast set speed hot melts for high line speeds and high memory corrugate. 

Our adhesive products’ low application temperatures also offer improved safety. For case and carton sealing in secondary and end-of-line packaging, Bostik’s rigid packaging adhesive products are hot melts that form strong fibre tearing bonds on a variety of substrates.

Additionally, Bostik’s specialty case seal products form strong bonds on even the lowest surface energy or coated substrates. Whether our customers need to seal cardboard boxes or bond corrugate fibreboards, Bostik’s rigid packaging adhesive products also have the durability to withstand the tough demands that the packaging industry entails. They also offer superior performance, reduced manufacturing, material and labour costs and increased flexibility.

Bostik’s adhesive products for flexible packaging applications are designed to be fast-curing and environmentally friendly.