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Sustainable solutions for sustainable packaging

Whether it is bio-sourced, paper-based, glass, metallic or synthetic, flexible or rigid, mono or multi-material, our solutions are designed to address sustainability, marketing and cost challenges across packaging applications.

Meet Modern Challenges of Packaging

Our experts push the limits of innovation to help solve modern packaging challenges:

  • Unmatched global portfolio: Bostik complements conventional technologies with specialized adhesives unique to the market.
  • Custom and joint development: we specialize in leveraging collaboration for innovation with a proven track record of successful joint developments.
  • Adhesives that do more: our products offer more than a simple bond with extensive value-added functionalities.
  • Value chain partnerships: we develop strong partnerships with equipment manufacturers and co-suppliers for complete solutions.
  • Added-value brought to brand owners: Bostik understands that unique challenges require a unique approach. We have the products and expertise to address today’s most pressing concerns.

Sustainable Advanced Packaging

Bostik is focused on enabling a circular economy by improving end-of-life solutions for disposable goods. We design products to help our customers develop ever-better sustainable packaging.

We strives to ensure that our global solutions are:

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Minimise environmental impact (LCA for eco-design)
  • Designed for the best of end-of-life disposal

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