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Smart adhesives for paper bags and industrial sacks

The right adhesive can help your paper bags and industrial sacks meet these challenges. Based on hotmelt technology, including our innovative bio-based Kizen® adhesive range, Bostik’s paper bag and industrial sack adhesives offer:

  • Increased packaging sustainability with recyclable, bio-based and compostable materials, PEFC ™ or FSC® approved 
  • Heightened product integrity with excellent bond strength on a variety of substrates (including PE/PP/OPP/PET films and paper), high fiber tear on paper, thermal stability and humidity resistance at end use 
  • Improved food safety and protection with compliance for strict food contact regulations towards oils and greases 
  • Enhanced manufacturing process through tailor-made solutions that can be easily integrated into existing systems for reduced costs  

Featured product: Kizen®

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