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Smart solutions for tissue and towel applications

Our water-based adhesives can help you to address these challenges. For core and tube winding applications, our solutions: 

  • Enhance end-user safety with boric acid-free grades 
  • Improve productivity due to fast set speeds 
  • Increase versatility with multi-substrate bonding  

For pick-up bonding applications, our products: 

  • Reduce running, operations and exercise costs with clean-running formulations 
  • Improve processes due to high machinability 
  • Decrease cost-in-use with reduced adhesion consumption  

For ply bonding applications, our adhesives: 

  • Enhance sustainability with bio-based raw materials (up to 99%) 
  • Increase productivity due to fast lamination speeds and suitability across different line types 
  • Optimize cost-in-use with dilution from 1/3 to 1/10  

For tail tie applications, our solutions: 

  • Enhance roll quality with easy release 
  • Improve process efficiency due to their high wet tack

Featured product: Aquagrip TLK 115

Featured product: Aquagrip TPX28

Featured product: AQ XV15

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