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It’s more important than ever that tape, label and films are able to meet demands in today’s rapidly evolving world, including:

  • Improved end-use performance
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Increased output volumes
  • Enhanced aesthetics

At Bostik, our extensive expertise in the market allows us to formulate various pressure sensitive adhesive technologies that enable converters, printers and end-users to easily meet those demands and manufacture better tapes, labels and films.

Range of tape and label applications

From construction tape adhesives and masking tape adhesives to freezer label adhesives and removable label adhesives, Bostik’s products are flexible and versatile. Whether customers want an off-the-shelf product for tape or label applications or need one customised for their specific requirements, Bostik works with them every step along the way to ensure satisfaction.

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What are the advantages of a Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA)?

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives can form bonds to both low and high energy surfaces very quickly. They are well suited for cold temperature applications and maintain adhesion in high humidity conditions. Hot melts can be applied at high coat weights for strong bonds, especially on rough surfaces.

How are water based adhesive for tapes and labels formulated?

Water based adhesives are formulated with a base polymer, a plasticizer, and other additives. The base polymer is selected to provide the balance of adhesion and cohesion needed for the end use application. The plastiizer helps to modify the viscosity and increase flexibility. Additives may include tackifying resins to increase adhesion, defoamers to improve processing, and wetting agents to adjust flow onto the coating surface.

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