Career Development

In Bostik, we believe that things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out. 

That is why we share with our employees why goals are important and why we keep productivity levels up at work. But setting goals shouldn’t stop with just things to accomplish on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, rather, it should also be long term.

We encourage employees to set goals that revolve around their development in the workplace, allowing them to progress in their professional life.

Bostik provides our employees with:

Clear career development tracks

Whilst goals are tailored to the employee’s personal aims and needs, Bostik provides a clear career path with a set of structured and blended learning methodologies anchored on SMART development goals which will help push the employee towards success and the professional accomplishments he is striving for. 

Key talent development plan

Beginning of each year, the company defines the company’s essential positions, key personnel, and the significant successors for the core positions. Formation of talent development plans complete with coaching and mentoring suited to each requirement are deployed and monitored to ensure a strong talent pipeline.


A clear goal setting that enables employees to take step towards improving any aspect of work life that’s relevant and specific to them, building on professional knowledge, skills and effective working practices. Bostik invests in people!


Bostik’s HR team in partnership with the business unit offers professional workplace advise and guidance.

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