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Consumer Sealants

Sealant offerings for the consumers, providing convenience and reliable sealing in home construction, repair and renovations.

As a leading global specialist in adhesive and sealant manufacturing, we’re dedicated to developing innovative products that respond to the highest standards and customer requirements in the consumer market. 

Bostik consumer sealant products can be used for roofing systems as well as kitchen & bathroom. With different technologies Bostik sealants address sealant requirements in easy to use packaging and directions.

Our customers benefit from reliable sealing brought by trusted brands such as Bostik Super Vulcaseal, the leading and most popular brand of elastomeric sealant in the Philippines, also known as the "Tapal King".

Smart Innovations

Many of our smart sealants are recognized around the world for use in domestic and large-scale construction projects. Bostik sealant range provides a wider selection of products from urethanes, silicones and acrylics designed to address professional applications. Bostik’s patented breakthrough sealant technology – ICON provides greater efficiency during the curing phase allowing the product to strongly link with the substrate. 

Explore also our extensive range of construction sealants, from mold-resistant silicones to cutting-edge intumescent fireproofing solutions.