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Bostik Advanced Packaging in Asia is launching its first mobile application for flexible packaging. Bostik FlexApp is a one-stop mobile application for users to search and find the best adhesive solutions that match their needs. The Product Selector, Smart Tool and FAQ features allow a smart recommendation of products based on precise requirements, easy calculation of usage parameters and practical trouble shooting solutions to help daily production and quality control.

Adhesives play a large role in today’s packaging needs.  However, most users are often perplexed when it comes to selecting the best options for their needs.  Furthermore, getting help for their predicament is not always a walk in the park, as most professional help centres are on a 9-5 shift.

Bostik has always prided itself on their ability to always be cognisant of their customers’ needs, which has resulted in Bostik researching and producing the Bostik FlexApp, the first technical tool application catered to its customers in Asia Pacific.

Packed with features designed to provide the right solutions, the application is simple to use, convenient and speedy.

The Bostik Product Selector is an effective tool for our customers to ascertain the right solutions for their needs.  Selection is made based on the contents and the various processes and applications required. The country selector also makes it convenient for customers to identify immediately products available to them centred on their locations.

Take the guesswork out with the Smart Calculator that computes the mix and ratio necessary for each individual need and application.

The Bostik FlexApp goes beyond just providing product information and calculation, it also acts as a communication tool between Bostik, its existing customers and future customers.  You can leave comments on the Message Board at any time of the day, regardless of time differences, and your enquiries will be addressed in the forum.  This also allows for a robust exchange between various parties.  You might even find yourself learning something new from the posts.

FlexApp is also linked to the Bostik APAC Blog, giving you the expediency to the blog’s contents so that you can keep up to date with the latest adhesives solutions and packaging news around the world.

Look out for Bostik FlexApp on your Google Play Store or Apple App Store: