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Bostik Philippines Inc. reiterated its appeal to consumers to be discerning of the products they purchase online after the company discovered fake elastomeric sealants appeared to have slowly made its way into several e-commerce shops.
Bostik Philippines Inc., maker of Super Vulcaseal Elastomeric Sealant, the most-recognizable elastomeric sealants in the market, said it acted on several tips received through various channels on the sale of counterfeit products carrying its brands online.

“We have conducted several test buys with different sellers on popular e-commerce websites and apps, and we discovered that some of the products we bought which carried our brands and trademarks are fake. We are gathering evidence which we will turn over to authorities to help in our campaign against counterfeit Bostik products,” the company said.
“We appeal to these e-commerce sites to protect the integrity of consumer products by banning sellers who peddle counterfeit goods. These nefarious traders not only taint the reputation of the products they are selling, but they are also casting these e-commerce sites in a bad light if they are not dealt with properly,” it continued.
Bostik Philippines Inc. said it was reaching out to representatives of these e-commerce sites to provide evidence against those sellers who have been peddling counterfeit products.
The company has mounted an aggressive campaign against the proliferation of counterfeit elastomeric sealants in the past months, working with authorities to hunt down manufacturers of these products. It maintained that counterfeit elastomeric sealants put in jeopardy the safety and integrity of structures.
“Despite carrying brands and trademarks associated with our company, we cannot guarantee the quality of these counterfeit products as these were made outside our manufacturing facilities. We are not certain about the quality of these products, so we encourage our customers to buy Bostik products from our authorized distributors or our official e-commerce shops which are verified,” the company said.
Last year, operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation busted four warehouses in Caloocan City which yielded millions of pesos worth of counterfeit Bostik products. 
The company said it continued to receive information on the sale of counterfeit Bostik products in key cities and towns.
“We are grateful for the support of our authorities such as the NBI who have worked tirelessly against individuals who manufacture counterfeit Bostik products. We hope that our constant vigilance will finally put an end to this illegal practice that harms the public,” the company added.
The company said the public could send photos or information about counterfeit Bostik products through its customer contact hotline at (02) 7900-5656 or email [email protected]