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Not all house repairs are major, and not all home projects require a huge volume of materials. Most of the time, home improvements involve simply taking on uneven tiles, hairline wall cracks, or small decorative features.

Recognizing this need, Bostik Philippines has launched its industry-leading products Fixall tile adhesive and Ultrafino skimcoat in 5 kg and 2 kg packs, respectively, which are “swak na swak” for one-time use.

The cement-based Bostik Fixall Standard Tile Adhesive also come in 25 kg bag—great for larger construction sites and major tiling projects . With superior workability in thick and thin bed applications, Fixall is best for all kinds of ceramic tiles.

But not all tile works need 25 kg of adhesive. To cater to small home repairs and prevent wastage, Bostik developed the 5 kg Bulilit pack that can cover up to 1.67  square meters of space for tiling, with the same strength and quality of Fixall in the regular 25 kg size—truly, “sukat bulilit, pang-repair na sigurado.”

The Ultrafino skimcoat, which comes in 20 kg packs, is also now available in 2 kg Bulilit packs for that “repair na pulido sa paketeng sakto.” A pack of Ultrafino Skimcoat Bulilit pack can cover up to 2 square meters at 1 mm thickness.

The cement-based powder is the preferred skimcoat of major construction companies for thin plastering applications—and with the Bulilit pack, it will now be the go-to product of homeowners, as well.

When mixed with water, Ultrafino skimcoat creates a creamy consistency that allows for the easy correction and smoothing of surface imperfections before painting. In a country like the Philippines, which experiences extreme weather, repainting is a regular home improvement requirement.

Ultrafino’s adhesion to surface, reliability when it comes to preventing cracking and flaking, and the minimal powdering or even zero primer necessary (for white finish) make it a popular choice especially for those looking to DIY their repainting.

It must be stressed, however, that excellent products such as Bostik Ultrafino skimcoat and Fixall tile adhesive, are only as good as their application. It is crucial for users—whether repair pros or aesthetic DIYers—to read and follow the label detailing the required product preparation.

Before using Bostik Ultrafino skimcoat or Fixall tile adhesive, make sure that the issues on walls and floors are not structural as these products are recommended only to address architectural finishes and needs.

With proper product preparation, these Ultrafino and Fixall Bulilit packs would be the perfect home improvement partners—no wastage, no pain on the pocket, and no complicated application.